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Open Post Posted: August 30, 2016

Visit us at WEFTEC booth #137

WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans

Dates: Sep. 26th – Sep. 28th

Enaqua is presenting the latest products and news at the WEFTEC show in New Orleans (LA). Visit us and find out more about our unique Non-Contact UV products and solutions.



WEFTEC Booth #137.

Open Post Posted: February 3, 2014

Meet the Water Challenge Now

Global water challenges are becoming increasingly severe. Grundfos – Enaqua’s mother Company – ensures that millions of people have access to clean water every day.

We have gathered a series of facts outlining the global challenges we face in society today and in the future. It demonstrates the reasons why Grundfos Water and Energy solutions are necessary for responsible growth and sustainable practices.

Meet the Water Challenge NOW, by Grundfos

Fact: Population growth
The Earth’s population is growing at a staggering rate and will reach over 9 billion by 2050 – projected to reach 8,3 billion by 2030.

Fact: Urbanisation
By 2050 there will be 3 billion more people living in cities. That will account for more than 70% of the global population.

Fact: Emerging middle class
The size of the global middle class will increase from 1.8 billion in 2009 to 3.2 billion by 2020 and then up to 4.9 billion by 2030.

Fact: Water availability
Water is everywhere. 97,5% is saltwater and 2,5% is fresh water fit for human consumption. Less than 1% is actually available for the world’s population to share as much is tied up in glaciers and polar ice caps.

Fact: Need for water
More than 783 million people do not have access to safe drinking water.

Fact: Increasing demand for water
Demand for fresh water is already expected to increase by 30% by 2030.

Fact: Water stress
It is estimated that by 2025 65% of the world’s population will live in water stressed areas.

Fact: Water quality
3.4 million die from water related diseases every year.
Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people sick from contaminated water.

Fact: Water usage
Domestic water use constitutes only 10% of total global water consumption; 70% is used in agriculture and the remaining 20% in industry.

Fact: Climate change leads to flooding
Climate change will cause 30% heavier rainfall leading to floods that will cost lives and damage infrastructure.

Fact: Lack of water leadership
Water challenges are a global issue, with wide-ranging consequences despite the fact that many solutions are already on the market. Lack of investment, legislation, cost of water and shared water management are some of the most important things that are holding us back.

Grundfos has sustainability ambitions – and so does Enaqua. Every day we take steps to deliver a better world to future generations. Enaqua continuously work towards reducing the energy consumption of our water treatment solutions and improving the quality of the water discharge. Read more about Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection and membrane filtration solutions at www.enaqua.com

Contact: Matthias Ulmer, Post Acquisition Manager: Enaqua +1 760 599 2644 ext. 1112

Open Post Posted: June 5, 2012

Grundfos Purchases American Technology Company Enaqua

Acquisition will bring new expertise to Grundfos, the world’s largest pump manufacturer


Global pump manufacturer Grundfos today announced the acquisition of Enaqua, an American company specializing in the use of UV technology to disinfect water, and specialized membranes for water purification. The purchase marks a step toward Grundfos’ ambition of deriving one third of its future turnover from sources other than pump solutions and being a trendsetter in water technology.

“On the one hand, we will obtain unique competence and completely new technology as a strong supplement to our present business,” said Carsten Bjerg, CEO of the Grundfos Group. “In addition, we obtain new ‘muscles,’ which is an important achievement in our efforts to develop new and innovative solutions in the future. Not only pump solutions for transporting water, but also solutions concerning water treatment.” He continued, “The new resources we are getting not only open up new business opportunities for Grundfos, they also help us contribute to alleviating the growing water problems worldwide.”

Peter Røpke, Grundfos Group Executive Vice President of Business Development, added, “For many years, Grundfos has proven that we are innovative as regards the development of new pump solutions. But we will also seek additional business opportunities relating to these applications, including water treatment. The partnership with Enaqua doubtlessly strengthens us. Most of all because, in the short view, we shall obtain new technology and competence which will, in the long view, enable us to deliver new solutions for water treatment with strengthened focus on sustainability.” The partnership between Grundfos and Enaqua will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 5 at Enaqua Headquarters in San Diego, Calif. Enaqua will continue to be managed by Manoj Jhawar, who is the second of three generations of the founder’s family that works at the company. “For a number of years, we have rejected several potential buyers, as we did not find the right match. But with Grundfos it is quite another story, it is a larger version of what we are.,” Jhawar said. “We share the opinion about future opportunities within water treatment, we have the same set of values and we are sure we complement each other in a way so that we can deliver new and improved solutions for water treatment.”


Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. Grundfos contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

An annual production of more than 16 million pump units makes Danish-based Grundfos one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Its main products are circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing. Today Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering approximately 50 percent of the global market. In addition to pumps, Grundfos produces standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps. The Grundfos Group is represented with more than 80 companies in more than 55 countries. The total annual turnover in 2012 was $3.5 billion. The Grundfos group is mainly owned by The Poul Due Jensen Foundation, which today owns 86.7 percent of Grundfos shares. The aim of the Foundation is to support the continued development of the Grundfos Group. The profits of the Foundation are to be re-invested in the Grundfos companies.

With 2.000 employees, Grundfos North America has facilities in 12 key location with HQ based in Chicago. Other acquired companies and brands include Peerless Pump (Indianapolis), PACO (Texas) and Yeomans Chicago Corporation (Illinois). For more information, visit Grundfos at www.grundfos.com


Enaqua was founded in 1985. Its headquarters are located in San Diego, California, USA.
Enaqua produces environmentally friendly water purification solutions based on UV disinfection and membrane separation technologies. Enaqua produces UV disinfection systems that range in sizes up to 100 Million Gallons per day (4,381 lps) for municipal and industrial disinfection requirements, and membrane separation systems to recover water and chemicals from process and municipal water sources. Enaqua’s unique UV systems allow for disinfection with Ultraviolet Rays, and are designed specifically to minimize maintenance and operational costs for its municipal customers. For more information, visit Enaqua at www.enaqua.com

CONTACT: Kim Nøhr Skibsted
Grundfos Corporate Communications+45 87 50 14 00
Manoj Jhawar, CEO Enaqua  +1 760 599 2644