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Best solution for you is our ambition! Enaqua designs its Non-Contact UV systems around your requirements. Even at very stringent permit limits, challenging water qualities or site specific limitations including hydraulics and flow variables Enaqua is your partner. Our customized UV disinfection systems are proven from as small as 0.03 MGD (5m3/h) up to virtually unlimited flows with modules in parallel.

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CAPEX Comparison Enaqua – Market
The total UV installation CAPEX for Enaqua solutions are up to 20% lower compared to other UV systems in the market. 

REDUCED replacement COSTS
Easy retrofit

Our UV disinfection system has a simple and compact design that can be customized so that it fits into existing chlorine contact chambers.

Quick & Easy Integration
High Customization of Software

Enaqua's Ensure Dosing System (EDS) is developed to accomodate simple integration into plant SCADA system. All information can be accessed via a web-browser interface.


Enaqua takes pride in always providing preassembled UV disinfection systems that require minimal onsite installation efforts.

Modular Design Base

All of Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are built out of standard modules with high customization flexibility. This design enables Enaqua to provide consistent high product quality, price competitive design, while still being able to customize the right UV disinfection system for you.


Enaqua’s UV disinfection systems are designed and manufactured in the USA.