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Time to relax while saving money! Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are designed so that the water does not make contact with quartz glass, or any of the electronics. With no quartz sleeves to replace, no extra cleaning apparatus and no need for chemicals in the cleaning process, the man hours for maintenance and cost of replacement parts is a small fraction of traditional Ultraviolet (UV) treatment costs. The intelligence in Enaqua’s solutions further provide significant energy savings.

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Solution Lifetime

Longevity in Design

The tubes through which the water flows in Enaqua’s UV disinfection system are produced using a fouling resistant AFP™ (Activated Fluoropolymer) material that has been specifically designed for the purpose. The tubes have a fouling resistant smooth surface and are robust, flexible, chemically stable and fracture resistant which allow for years of guaranteed UV disinfection performance. The tubes are permanently integrated into the Enaqua’s UV disinfection system and never need to be replaced under normal operating conditions.
Our UV transparent tubes have shown longevity since 1992 and have proven over 22 years of continuous operation without replacement.

Reduced Man Hours
for Cleaning

Fouling Resistant AFP™ Tubes

Enaqua's UV disinfection system is highly self-cleaning due to the turbulent flow of the water in the tubes and the smooth surface of the AFP™ tubes. Cleaning of Enaqua's UV disinfection systems is therefore extremely simple to perform.

More Safety
NO NEED FOR cleaning mechanism and chemicals

Enaqua’s UV disinfection systems are designed with fouling resistant AFP™ tubes that resist mineral scaling. The design therefore allows for reliable disinfection without expensive and labor intensive techniques such as chemicals, special designed cleaning apparatus or disassembling. Transportation, storage, and handling of toxic chemicals is rendered obsolete with Enaqua's Non-Contact UV solution reducing the cleaning costs significantly.

Quick Lamp Replacement
Non-Submerged Lamp Design
without Quartz-Sleeves

Changing lamps in Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is similar to changing a fluorescent lamp in an office lamp fixture. This is due to the fact that Enaqua’s UV lamps are not submerged in water and therefore do not have to be covered in quartz-sleeves, which simplifies the total system design. Each lamp takes less than 1 minute to change and does not require interruption of the hydraulic flow, shut down, or bypassing of the UV system.
Typical Lamp Replacement Time:
  • 1 minute
    - Enaqua’s Non Contact UV
  • 15 minutes
    - Traditional Contact UV
Non-Contact UV reduces the energy consumption by up to 60%, providing monetary savings and reducing environmental impact.

Low Lamp Expenses
Non-Amalgam LPHO Lamps

Enaqua’s UV treatment costs are kept low with the use of Non-Amalgam Low Pressure High Output (LPHO) lamps. These lamps are considerably less expensive and allow for a more robust ballast design.
Low Lamp Expenses
Actual Annual Energy Cost Comparison
Data based on bid guaranteed UV energy costs for Wastewater Plant, Peak 28MGD, Average 6MGD, $0.10/kWh.

Demand Driven Lamp Usage
Intelligent Flow & Level Pacing

Enaqua's Non-Contact UV solutions can be flow and level paced via Enaqua's Flow & Level Pacing system. The system automatically turns on only the lamps which are required, thereby saving lamp and ballast life and radically reducing power consumption compared to Contact-UV systems that use 'dimming'.