Reliable Performance

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Enaqua ensures best fit and performance, from simple and predictable pipe hydraulics to uniform UV exposure and intelligent monitoring and control of the UV system – even if it comes to challenging water qualities and site specific limitations.

Predictable Bacteria Killing
Uniform UV Exposure

Uniform UV exposure is essential in water and wastewater treatment, in order to ensure reliable and sufficient disinfection. Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV system is designed so that the water flows through transparent tubes with the UV lamps placed on the outside surrounding the tubes. This design enables the Germicidal UV light to penetrate the water from various angles and with high and accurate consistency which guarantees the UV disinfection performance.
Cost efficient Non-Almagam Smart Lamps placed outside of AFP™ Tube
In contrast to normal channelized flow, Enaqua's UV systems are designed to take advantage of the naturally turbulent flow in pipes to not only increase disinfection efficacy, but also to keep the tubes clean...just like in nature, turbulent flow in a river keeps rocks and 
stones clean.

Guaranteed UV Performance
in Low Quality Water

High Efficiency Fouling Resistant AFP™ Tubes

Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV systems are designed with fouling resistant AFP™ (Activated Fluoropolymer) tubes guaranteeing UV disinfection performance in applications as low as 15% UV transmission. Enaqua's unique tubing formulation not only provides for the most effective utilization of UV light, but also resists fouling.

Intelligent Monitoring
Simple troubleshooting and controls

Enaqua has developed its software over the last decade with continuous focus on daily operation to make it as simple as possible to operate. Enaqua's Ensure Dosing System (EDS) and its attached devices simplify operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Enaqua's software provides in depth information about the entire system such as lamp status, lamp life, minor and major alarms, and flow levels, while making intelligent system operational decisions based on preset guidelines.

Site Specific Design
Inspired by People who Use Our
Solution Every Day

Every plant location is different. Enaqua can accommodate most hydraulic requirements, water qualities, dimensional issues, and environmental considerations. Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are inspired by the many people we have worked with. Enaqua customizes your UV disinfection system in accordance with the needs of the rest of your treatment plant.