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UV solution for Trouble free operation and low maintenance


In 2001 Enaqua was contacted by the City of Point Pleasant with a request to upgrade their existing UV solution. Reduced man hours for maintenance and operational costs were important parameters in the selection of a new UV system. The City of Pt. Pleasant had an existing UV disinfection system, however the old system involved cumbersome maintenance of the quartz sleeves and the UV lamps. This resulted in extended labor and replacement costs.


The Enaqua Solution

Pt. Pleasant was provided with Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV system where the UV lamps are kept separate from the water. Instead of immersing the UV lamps in the water stream, the water flows through UV transmitting tubes with lamps surrounding the tubes. This design eliminated the need for mechanical and chemical cleaning under normal operation conditions. The tubes are made of AFPTM (Activated Fluoropolymer) material which have a fouling resistant smooth surface that prevents any fouling from building up on the inside the tubes. Enaqua’s UV disinfection systems therefore require little to no cleaning minimalizing UV treatment costs significantly.

Advantages and Benefits

Enaqua’s packaged plant system has proved that the Enaqua solution resulted in lower maintenance and significantly reduced cleaning, while consistently meeting the fecal requirements. The cleaning frequency of the UV system went down from every 3-5 days to once per year. Plant Operator Bruce Chapman explains; “Our maintenance on the unit is essentially zero. We do not have to do any cleanings as we previously had to (…) and we have not noticed any performance changes with change in water temperatures”.

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