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UV solution for Hatfield, WWTP has saved 90% on maintenance hours each year

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Hatfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was operating a Contact UV in-channel system, when they in 2010 contacted Enaqua with the request of piloting a Non-Contact UV solution. Hatfield experienced severe problems with algae fouling on their 1200+ UV lamps, which required them to clean all the lamps 2-3 times each month. This was both costly and time-consuming maintenance work.

The Enaqua Solution

Based on the positive results of the pilot testing, Enaqua was selected to design and provide the entire UV solution for the WWTP. In Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV Disinfection system the water flows through fouling resistant AFPTM tubes and with the UV lamps placed outside of the water surrounding the tubes. The fouling resistant AFPTM tubes combined with high velocities and turbulences ensures virtually no cleaning requirements compared to Hatfield’s previous quartz sleeve Contact System.

Hatfield WWTP has a highly fluctuating daily flow. Enaqua therefore integrated the Enaqua Flow & Level Pacing system toimprove the energy efficiency of the UV system. Characteristic of the Enaqua Flow and Level Pacing system is that it automatically turns on only lamps which are required and hereby saves lamp and ballast life and reduces the energy consumption.

Advantages and Benefit

The fouling resistant nature of the AFP™ tubes radically minimized the algae fouling that Hatfield experienced with its old Contact UV system. In terms of operations, the maintenance labor went down from 200 hours to 20 hours (90%) per year. In addition to the drastic maintenance savings, Hatfield also saved more than $20,000 annually on power due to the intelligent Flow & Level Pacing.

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