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About us

Enaqua takes pride in setting industry standards for technical excellence and product innovation, and in contributing to a cleaner, safer environment for present and future generations.

Our advanced disinfection systems are based on the core technologies of ultraviolet sterilization processes.

Our unmatched experience and technical expertise has helped to build our reputation as a leader and innovator in the water treatment industry. Our continued development of innovative, environmentally safe water purification solutions will provide a practical way for consumers to solve their water treatment needs.

Our advanced disinfection system

The total UV installation CAPEX for Enaqua solutions is up to 20% lower compared to other UV systems in the market. Our UV disinfection system has a simple and compact design that can be customized so that...

Our Story

Enaqua was originally founded in 1985 as UV Technology to provide environmentally friendly Advanced Purification Solutions to the industry. Through years of steady growth, in 2003 the company was renamed Enaqua to emphasize its commitment and strengths in the water purification industry.

Enaqua is a California-based company that provides water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial customers. We are proud Pioneers in the Non-Contact technology market!

Enaqua's manufacturing headquarters and administrative offices are located in Vista, a suburb of San Diego, California. Our professional staff is responsible for the company’s daily activities in manufacturing, application engineering, design, technology transfer, and supply of parts, components, and equipment.

Man wiring a reactor in Enaqua's plant
Map of our USA Western Region


Contact the Enaqua Office

Map of our USA Central Region


Contact the Enaqua Office

Map of our USA Eastern Region


Rick McIntyre

O  |  760.477.0880

C  |  760.936.1979

The Enaqua Team

Our Philosophy

Enaqua's dedication to providing the most innovative and best available technology has put us at the forefront of the water and wastewater industry. Our vision is to keep doing what we do and provide our customers with "Safe Water, Simplified."

Enaqua was founded on the philosophy that technology will prevail. To this end, Enaqua's equipment and services maintain a technological edge over those of its competitors, with ultraviolet and membrane separation technologies leading the way. Enaqua has developed Ultraviolet Disinfection equipment based on Activated Fluoropolymer Technology (AFP™). The Non-Contact UV technology developed by Enaqua is unique in the disinfection industry with performance exceeding other UV technologies commercially available. 

Our UV Technology within a reactor
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