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Enaqua prides itself on pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet. We will meet your specific application needs within the categories of wastewater, drinking water, water reuse, and industrial water applications.

Our Promise

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Applications

The right choice of technology is essential in the design process of a wastewater treatment plant. Enaqua's systems provide reliable and consistent treatment solutions that meet and exceed the stringent requirements for water discharge.

The right choice of technology is one of the most important parts in the design process of a wastewater treatment plant. Enaqua offers solutions from low-quality effluents such as combined sewer overflow (CSO) and lagoons over secondary effluents up to filtered effluents. Enaqua also offers cost-effective solutions for low UV transmissive wastewaters and sequencing batch reactors (SBR) with up to 24 on/off cycles per day.

UV – The preferred disinfection method in municipal wastewater

  • UV is the preferred disinfection method for municipal wastewater applications compared to conventional chlorination.

  • Today more than 20% of wastewater treatment plants in the United States are already using UV as their preferred disinfection technology and this percentage is rapidly increasing.


Case Study

Water resuse application of sprinkler watering crops

Water Reuse Applications

The reuse of wastewater allows communities to ease and reduce the amount of water discharged. Enaqua is your partner in designing systems that enable you to redeploy your waters.

Wastewater Reuse – a vital source of water.

Demand for wastewater treatment is increasing severely in the years to come. The challenge is not simply to channel the water back into the waterways once it has been treated but to process it so that it can be reused for other applications. As a technology trendsetter in today’s Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection and membrane filtration, Enaqua understands the needs associated with water reuse. We are ready to assist you with a solution that meets your exact needs.

  • The growing trend of wastewater reuse is driven by population growth, economic expansion, rising rates of tourism, and increased agricultural activities. The impact of global climate change on water supplies and shortages intensifies the need for new water sources.

  • Municipal wastewater can be reused by industry or for indirect potable applications when treated to a high standard of quality.

  • Certain regions in North America are experiencing water scarcity. Especially the southern and western states of the U.S. experience decreasing groundwater levels resulting in land subsidence and saltwater intrusion.

  • To meet the growing water demands the reuse of wastewater is becoming accepted as an ecological and economic necessity


Case Study

sustainable solutions for industries such as mining, food & beverage, textile, aquaculture, and agriculture.

Industrial Water Applications

Properly treating industrial water and wastewater, is not only cost-saving expertise but also enhances safety and reduces risk of contaminated discharge. Enaqua has supplied sustainable solutions for industries such as mining, food & beverage, textile, aquaculture, and agriculture.

Industrial Water – The right expertise is essential

Treatments in industrial applications cover a wide range of solutions from water treatment, process water, and wastewater to such as chemical recovery, juice disinfection, etc. Over the years, Enaqua has supplied sustainable solutions in all of the above-mentioned areas. We have worked for industries such as mining, textile, food & beverage, and aquaculture, and we look forward to applying our expertise to solve your needs.

  • More stringent wastewater discharge limits and costs are increasing the demand for proper industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Industrial water treatment is required where the available water source does not match the water quality requirements, addressing problems such as high particle content, scaling, corrosion, and microbiological activities.

  • Depending on whether the water comes in contact with the manufactured product, is part of the manufactured product, or used for transportation purposes, a proper water quality is essential for cost saving and risk reduction. E.g. if poorly treated water interacts with the surfaces of pipes and vessels it will eventually lead to scale up and corrosion.

  • When treated to a high standard of quality, industrial wastewater can be reused for indirect portable applications such as irrigation etc.

Case Study

Enaqua offers a proven, customer-centric approach to water disinfection and purification that is designed to work more effectively and is easier to maintain than anything else on the market. 

Customers who use Enaqua’s safe water solutions will not only save man-hours and operational costs – they will gain peace of mind knowing Enaqua’s technologies are built to provide years of exceptional performance and reliability.

Water treatment plant


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